EVOVEVVAPE.COM's Loyalty Program is designated to reward retail customers of the website for their purchases and referral.

How to signup for the program?
All new customers are automatically signed up for this Loyalty Program by creating an account on the website. After successful creating an account, customers can access the Loyalty Program panel by clicking on the green widget presented on the bottom right side on any page of the website.

How to get rewards from the program?
There are 4 ways to get rewards:
• New customers get automatic 50 EVOVE Points reward by creating an account on the website
• For every purchase, customers get 1 EVOVE Point for every $10 spent on their orders
• Get a $5 off coupon by successfully referring EVOVE Starter Kit to an acquaintance, with that acquaintance creating an account on the website and placing an order for EVOVE Starter Kit. In this case, your acquaintance also get a $5 off coupon.
• Get 100 EVOVE Points on birthday

What's the exchange rate between EVOVE Points and redeemable discount value?
When redeeming your EVOVE Points for discount on orders, every 100 EVOVE Points is eligible for $1 off.

Any further question regarding our Loyalty Program, please reach out to EVOVE Support Team at info@evovevape.com.

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