Pod leakage is a common issue in all closed pod systems. We at EVOVE developed proprietary technology to minimize its effect.
If your EVOVE pod has slight moisture, it is due to condensation during use and it is completely normal. This will not effect the proper functioning of the product, but please be sure to wipe off all moisture (including that on the pod's reservoir) before use. 

Major leaking can occur when the pod's e-liquid is pull into the airway due improper use:

  • Taking inhale with excessive force from the mouthpiece - try to inhale more gently. 
  • Squeezing the EVOVE pod as you keep it on your lips. 
  • Squeezing the reservoir of the pod.

Although e-liquid is harmless in small quantity, it is recommended to avoid direct contact with leaked e-liquid. IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. IF ON SKIN: Wash With plenty of soap and water.

If leaking occurs without any improper use, please retain the defective pods and contact EVOVE Support Team at info@evovevape.com.

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